Thursday, January 31, 2013


 Are you tired of eating the tasteless broccoli and stinky cabbage everyday? Chuck it and follow a tasty diet that will make you feel that you aren't sacrificing much. And if you are wondering which one would match the delicious diet list, then it is the carrot diet. The reddish orange vegetables are sweet enough to eat raw, and can also be relished as soup, salad and juice.
They are vitamin rich and are good for eyes as well as skin. They are crunchy when consumed raw and easily become soft when boiled with milk. Take a look to know more about this most effective weight loss diet.

1. Rabbit Food – Now you know the secret behind the cute rabbits. The carotene rich vegetable cleans and improves body functioning. It is an excellent immunomodulator. In terms of beta carotene concentration, carrot is second to pepper.

2. Low Carb Diet – Contains 10% carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, E, K, PP, ascorbic acid, sterols and lecithin. These vitamins prevent the formation of free radicals in body. Carotene is converted to vitamin A (antioxidant rich) with the help of liver enzymes.

3. Carrot To Prevent Diseases – Prevents cardiovascular diseases, cataract, cancer and atherosclerosis. It contains iodine (brain food) and fiber that will help in bringing down fat.

Eating carrots for lunch and dinner will result in 3-4 kilos of easy weight loss. If you are planning to follow carrot diet, see to it that you include a couple of ingredients with carrots as it will balance nutrition.

Easy Diet Plan:
  1. To start with, begin the day with carrot juice/ carrot milk shake. Your breakfast can consist of cereal or carrot herbs salad.
  2. Lunch can consist of toasted bread with grated carrot, chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper. A teaspoon of butter can be used to toast bread. You can also use the carrot filling in boiled eggs.
  3. Dinner can be very light with carrot and lentil soup. A small cup of boiled brown rice with yogurt will fill stomach and make a satisfactory meal.

With diet, exercise is also a must so, a brisk walk twice daily will gradually bring down weight. Carrot is the natural weight loss food to shed some pounds and get in shape. 

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