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So finally I am back with my new recipes for APRIL’s RECIPE WEEK and this is the first dish.

In India “Shahi Tukda” is a very popular dish where we deep fried bread slices in Ghee (Clarified Butter) then make them sweet with sugar syrup and give them different toppings like Rabri or so much options but the main thing is that dessert is so heavy because of deep frying with clarified butter.

From starting this idea was stuck in my mind but never got the real shape. Last week when my sister was came to our home some vacations that time I was busy but when I got some free time, again the idea came in my mind and the recipe was ready in few minutes.

This is so easy that your kids can also make this because minimum cooking included and taste will be awesome. Also including the fruit is a healthy option in this recipe. The main part of “Deep Frying” was changed to stir fry and that’s also in simple butter or I will recommend cooking oil because when will chill it, butter will not give the best taste. In my recipe we will not make simple sugar syrup but vanilla sugar syrup with mild flavor of cardamom also.

Now I won’t let you wait more. Here is the delicious recipe…


For Shahi Sticks :
Bread Slices (without crusts) – 2 (cut in 1cm.thick and 2inch long sticks)
Oil – 1tbsp.

For Sugar Syrup :
Sugar – 2tbsp.
Green cardamom – 2
Vanilla Essence – 4-5 drops (if you have fresh vanilla pods then that will be best)
Water – 1 ½ cup

For Mango Honey Sauce :
Fresh Mango Pulp – ½ cup
Fresh Cream – ½ cup
Honey – 2tsp.
Cinnamon Powder – 1tsp.
Condensed Milk – 1tbsp. (optional)


For Shahi Sticks :
Microwave bread sticks in a bowl for 1 minute in 15seconds interval to make them hard and crispy.
Now heat oil in pan and stir fry crispy bread sticks by changing all sided till all sided become golden.
Keep aside for cooling.

For Sugar Syrup :
Heat water in a saucepan. Add sugar and crush cardamom and add them too.
Cook on high heat till sugar dissolves.
Now cool it and also add vanilla essence.

For Mango Honey Sauce :
Mix all the ingredients well. If your cream is not thick well then only add condensed milk, else you can skip it.

To Serve :
Spread crispy bread sticks in a plate. Now spread vanilla sugar syrup on all sticks.
Mix for 2seconds and take away sticks immediately before syrup make them soft.
Serve immediately with mango honey sauce.

Just try it once and there is uncountable options for changing the fruit. You can use orange or strawberry or kiwi or blueberry with your choice. Important part is cooling in this recipe. Always cool bread sticks after frying and also vanilla syrup and dip bread sticks only when you are ready to serve or bread sticks will be soggy and taste will be change.

So now I am leaving you with your kitchen tools and you tomorrow with another new recipe…


Recipe and photo copyright @ happy eating foods

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