Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SSJ's Grilled Samosa Sandwich

Hey Happy-Eaters,

So if you like spicy Indian samosas then this recipe is perfect for you as in our home, so many times samosa left after parties or snack time. Just use those leftover samosa in this unique way and surprise your kids and guests as well…

SSJ's Grilled Samosa Sandwich


Samosa – 2
Bread Slices – 4
Green Corinader chutney – 2tbsp (optional)
Cheese spread – 2tbsp. (optional)
Butter – 2tsp.


Cut samosa in small stripes and keep aside.
Spread cheese/ green chutney on bread slices and fill sliced samosa in betweena nad make sandwiches.
Rub butter on out sides of sandwiches and grill them for 5minutes.
Serve hot.

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