Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hey Happy-Eaters,

How you doing all??? So its really long time when I have post my recipes and yes I have so manyyyyyy new recipes even I am on the way to completing my 200 recipes soon. So it is the simplest sweat recipe ever I have made and surprisingly with ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS to make it.

I have made it on DIWALI this year and now I m posting the recipe for you. It have all the benefits of walnuts and its winter so walnuts are available easily. Just one task you have to complete before starting is to peel off the hard cover and its really boring I must say. Anyways now come to the recipe…


Walnuts – 2cups

Sugar – ¾ cup


First put walnuts in a mixer and make paste/ powder of it. Remember if you put all walnuts together then it will leave oil and become a thick paste like but if you put it in 3-4 batches then it will be come out as powder and you can store powder for more days.

Now heat a deep pan and add sugar with ½ cup water and make 2string sugar syrup.

Add walnut paste/ powder in it and cook till thicken as dough.

Keep aside and let it cool.

Now roll it with a roller pin till ½ cm. thick and cut it in coin size by some cookies cutter.

Garnish with some silvers and serve.

So hows it??? Try out and taste this delicious recipe and yes, tell me when you make it.


Recipe and photo copyright @HAPPYEATINGFOODS

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