Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Facts You Must Know About... HONEY

1. Honey is hygroscopic; it readily accumulates moisture from the air.  This is why the honeybees seal the honeycombs with wax.  This property makes honey a great sweetener for your fruit salads and compotes.  The honey will draw moisture from the fruit to make the salad juicy.  Baked goods made with honey will stay moist longer also due to its hygroscopic nature.

2. Honey has cryoprotective properties.  This means that using honey can help protect the cells of frozen items.  So when freezing berries or other foods, honey is a great sweetener to use.

3. Unlike sugar, honey contains water so you may need to reduce the liquid levels in a recipe.  For 1 cup of honey, try reducing the overall liquid level in the recipe by ¼ cup.

4. Honey is acidic.  This makes it a perfect ingredient in your marinades as the acid can tenderize.  If you want to neutralize the acid in baking, you can add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda per cup of honey.  This acidic nature (3.4 - 6.1 ph) also makes honey self-preserving.  Honey does not need to be refrigerated.

5. Baked goods made with honey tend to brown more readily than those made of sugar, you may want to try reducing the oven temperature by 25 degrees when baking with honey.  

6. There are about 300 different varieties of honey in the US.  Their flavors and colors can vary greatly.  Choose a light colored honey when you want a little honey flavor and choose a dark colored honey when you desire a stronger honey taste. 

Friday, August 15, 2014


Hi Happy-Eaters,

                         So as you all knows, it’s the Independence Day today so I have to dedicate something nice to our Independence Day and here they are… They are soft, juicy, sweet and delicious and also most of the part is healthy as I have used vegetables as Bottle-gourd (Lauki) for Green color and English Carrots for Orange. Now I won’t let you wait more and coming to the detailed recipe below :


Bottle-gourd – 1, bit long

English Carrot – 1, medium/ ½ cup grated

Dried/ Fresh desiccated Coconut  - 1/3 cup

Milk – ¼ cup + 2tbsp.

Sugar – ¾ cup

Corn flour – ½ tsp.

Bread Slices – 1, without crust

Green Cardamom – 1

Almonds – 2-4, finely chopped

Ghee (Clarified Butter) – ½ tsp.


Making Layers:

Heat 2cup waters in a deep pan.

Peel the Bottle-gourd and take slim shavings from the green parts, don’t touch the seed part. Put Bottle-gourd shavings in hot water for blanching.

Now heat ¼ cup sugar with ½ cup water with some seeds of Cardamom for mild flavor and after blanching put Bottle-gourd shavings in this thin sugar syrup and let them relax for few minutes.

Now coming to carrot, peel and wash the carrot and grate it bit thick. Heat Ghee in a pan, add grated carrot and cook for 2 minutes. Add ¼ cup sugar, few seeds of cardamom and few drops of water and let it cook for 3-4 minutes or till dried and keep is aside for cooling.

Now time for the white layer, heat milk in a deep pan with ¼ cup sugar. Mix corn flour with 2 tbsp. milk. When milk reaches boiling point, add corn flour mixture and mix well. Now put gas on low flame, when milk start thicken well then add coconut, almonds and mix well and let it thicken more. At last scrap bread slice with your hands roughly and add to pan, mix fast and let it thicken 1 minute more. Now let it be cool also.

Final Step to Swirls:

Cut a 10*10 sized cling film and spread little oil in centre. Now take Bottle-gourd shavings and put them one by one with each other (remember they must have same size) to make it around  6inches square, put one more layer to show the thickness.

Now spread coconut mix on it with thick layer and this layer should be ½ inches less from all sides to inside.

At last spread sweet carrot mixture in a layer ,same sized as white one.

At last pick cling film from one side and roll it to make swirl. Make it bit tight from both sides and put it in refrigerator for 2-3 hours (summer time).

Now take it out when it is set, open the cling film and cut the swirls carefully with any sharp knife and serve chill.

So here was the first recipe of this Independence Day but listen if you have something left from 3 mixtures after making this recipe then don’t worry, my second recipe is coming to use those mixtures as well. So enjoy the recipe and Happy Independence Day to all…

Thank you..



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