Friday, September 19, 2014


Hey Happy-Eaters,

Its time for something different and let me confess that I am a obsessed lover of coffee and coffee flavored foods. Some days ago, in a recipe group… a friend told about her experience of Coffee Flavored Rasmalai and this idea got stuck in my mind from that day and here comes the result…



Whole milk – ½ litre
Corn flour – 1 tbsp. mix with 2tbsp. normal milk
Sugar – 1cups and 2 tbsp.
Curd – 3tbsp.
Coffee powder – 20gms.(approx 2tbsp.)
Vinegar – 3-4 drops


Boil the milk and take 2/3 of the milk separately.
Heat 1/3 milk with 2tbsp. sugar (I have used less sugar but you can add more according to your taste) and ½ tbsp. coffee powder till comes at 50% then add cornflour mix and mix well, cook for 3-4 minutes and keep it aside. If using condensed milk then skip sugar in this milk.
Take left 2/3 of milk and put it on gas. When boil, add 1tbsp. coffee powder in milk and when coffee mixed well and start boiling, put it on medium flame on gas, add curd and let it spoil on low flame. Coffee will stop spoiling the milk so now add 2-4 drops of vinegar and let it spoil well. When done, rinse it and make fresh chhena totally waterless.
Now  take chhenna and firm it in a plate by ur palm and make small balls.
Flatten it little bit and keep in fridge for 2 will make chhenna more soft so it have to take rest to get bit hard to make balls.
In a deep pan, add 1cup sugar , ½ tbsp. coffee powder and 1 cup water and when sugar dissolves, make it on low flame and add chhena flatten balls slowly2. and keep them cook under cover for 10-12 minutes.
Now add these coffee flavored chhena rasmalais in pre cooked  coffee flavored milk and serve chilled with garnish of roasted almond flakes and coco powder.

If you are also a coffee lover than just try it once and you’ll fall in love with it, I bet.

Thank you



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