Thursday, June 4, 2015

KITCHEN- Mistake & Myths / Chapter 1 - PASTA

Hi Happy-Eaters,

               So how are you??? Now the time to start the series as I have told you yesterday. In this series mainly I’ll focus on these things which I saw daily here in groups… some little mistakes, some confusions about ingredients or recipes etc. you can ask all about the topic here after and I’ll try to reply all your queries if any.

See… everyone have there own way of cooking, taste and flavors and I am not saying that you must follow all the rules because if you just follow rules, how can you innovate… but yes, you must have to know the authentic recipe, the meaning of the name, real taste… I mean all about the food.
Mostly people don’t  have much time in today’s life to read about cooking/food or to research much before cook any particular recipe but  if you have knowledge of food and recipes then maybe you can cook better than your best. I am not here to teach you cooking b’coz I have already seen the great cooks here but I really felt bad when I saw something lost in any recipe. So that’s why I am here to share a little knowledge about food of mine.
Anyways… coming to the topic, PASTA…
What is pasta??? Most of answers come to this question is… “An Italian Dish”. Right? But No, that’s wrong exactly. That is the first mistake about Pasta. Pasta in not a dish but an base ingredient of many dishes. Pasta came in  many shapes with different names either its Penne or spiral or spaghetti or cappellini . it have more than 500 varieties available worldwide.
Now coming to boiling Pasta…
When boiling Pasta, always add some salt and oil in it. Salt because pasta is tasteless and when you toss it with sauce then pasta taste less salty than your sauce. Oil will help to prevent stickiness.  Mostly people overcook pasta and pasta will start breaking and mushy. Again it’s a BIG mistake, Pasta have to cook in time so that it’ll keep it’s shape and texture. Cooking time is different according to shapes between 4 minutes to maximum 8-9 minutes. Some people thought that if pasta is in shape then it’s uncooked but No, there is a condition which we called “AL DENTE” . when you cook pasta and cut it in between, you can see a white thin line which is uncooked. That is the perfect cooked pasta condition. The pictures of “AL DENTE” is in 1st comment.
After boiling Pasta, don’t drain it completely. Save some boiling water in it (approx 1-2tsp. only). This water have the taste of pasta and it will help to mix pasta with sauce well. Sometime people do another mistake (even me also done it many times before) of rinsing pasta in cold water after boiling to prevent overcooking but please put pasta for boiling according to the time your sauce will cook. Add pasta immediately to the sauce to get best taste out of it.
Pasta served in 100s of sauces, some traditional some fusion made but mostly we knows 3sauces everywhere…
1.       White sauce (Exactly named… Bechamel sauce)
2.       Red sauce (Exactly named… Marinara sauce)
3.       Green sauce (Exactly named… Pesto )

Some more famous sauces names Bolognese Sauce (made with pork/beef cook in tomato sauce) and Alfredo Sauce (Made with cream and Parmesan cheese). But there is no limit of making pasta with thousands of ways served worldwide.

One biggest mistake I’ve seen here, using “Ginger Garlic Paste” while making pasta. Please don’t do this, specially when making Bechamel . This sauce have very mild flavors. Don’t overcook GARLIC ever while making any pasta. It must have flavor of garlic but mild flavor, not fried like we mostly have in Chinese cuisine. For seasoning , mostly used only salt and pepper with fresh herbs like oregano/basil (you can using dried also) but use one at a time when using fresh.

I think, I have done with Pasta but still if you have any confusion, questions about it… you can ask…

Thank you…

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