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Hi friends,
Thank you for the appreciations on 1st chapter of this series posted yesterday about Pasta. I have got many requests about “WHITE SAUCE (BECHAMEL)” recipe so I’ll post that also today.

After Pasta the most confusions and wrong recipes I saw here is from PANEER (COTTAGE CHEESE) section. Most of the recipe’s gravy/curry made really good even so inviting and I can truly accept those must be finger-licking delicious but most of the time the name you given there reflects that the recipe is wrong. If you know the authentic recipe and making changes according to yourself or according to your family’s taste then please don’t give it authentic name because maybe you are making confused some more people and they will also made same mistake in future. You can change as much as you want but if you know the original recipe then no-one can caught your hand. So knowledge is also important as well as your talent of cooking.

Here below we’ll start  discussing  1 of the 4 different recipe made by paneer a bit in wrong way…

MALAI KOFTA –  This recipe is so famous but seriously I saw more than 15+ different versions of this recipe till now. First of all people got confused with the name “Malai Kofta”. Malai kofta does not means that you have to made koftas with malai (clotted cream), even I have tasted those koftas also which is made by frozen clotted cream coated with all purpose flour (Maida). The name means here that A KOFTA WHICH IS SO SOFT LIKE MALAI WHICH CAN MELT IN YOUR MOUTH JUST LIKE THAT. You don’t even have to chew it.

The most famous way to make koftas including boiled potatoes with some Paneer (cottage cheese) to bind it perfectly but tell me honestly, don’t you think those koftas taste much like you are eating aloo tikkis in a creamy curry? Even I have posted Authentic recipe of Malai kofta already some month’s back but again I am here to telling you the same story.

I am not saying that I am the perfect person in cooking and I know everything but the main problem is that in today’s life when someone want to try a new dish, they will search it first on internet and got 100s of different version of same recipe. That will made you confused wht’s wrong and what’s right and at last you made what you thought  is simple and must be come out delicious. Am I right??

Trust me, actual malai kofta recipe is so easy and quick that you can make it in 15minutes flat for 4 people and whoever will taste it, just drool with the flavors.

First about koftas, you need just fresh Paneer (cottage cheese), Maida (All purpose flour) as basic ingredients and oil for frying. Just grate the paneer well and add maida (1tsp. each for 100 gms. Paneer) in it. Season it with pinch of salt and for a special flavor add a pinch of Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder). Now mix it well with your hand and make a soft dough alike. For a shahi touch you can add roasted raisins/cashew inside the kofta but that is just optional. Now make small golf sized balls of this dough and deep fry in hot oil but on lowest flame. When it starts floating on the top that means the maida is completely cooked so now you can put your gas on little high as medium flame and make balls golden. Keep them out on some kitchen towel and keep aside.

Now coming on gravy… here is also I saw many mistakes, some restaurants served white gravies with malai kofta, some red kind of but let me tell you that malai kofta gravy never contains onion or garlic traditionally. For gravy you have to put roughly chopped tomatoes with magaz (melon seeds), cashewnuts,  ginger, khuskhus (poppy seeds), salt, red chili powder, some oil and curd and water and cook till 3-4 whistle or till tomatoes soften and then make a smooth puree out of all this. Then strain it well to get a creamy gravy out of it. Put it back in a pan, heat it then add little sugar/honey to adjust the sourness of tomatoes, adjust seasoning, add garam masala and at last add 3-4 tbsp. fresh cream. Don’t overcook after adding cream , maximum for 1-2 minutes. The gravy is ready for malai koftas.

Now the most important part of adding koftas to gravy and serving. Never add koftas in gravy before serving because when you fry koftas, it will get air inside and when your pour gravy on it, air will slowly comes out and shape will go away after few minutes. So keep both apart and when you have to serve, just put koftas in serving dish and pour gravy aside. Garnish it with fresh cream and serve. You can also store these koftas upto 7days in your fridge but don’t close them in airtight container otherwise they will again shrink and lost their shape.

So that was the original simplest recipe to make malai kofta in just few minutes and yes they will definitely melt in your mouth just like malai. Try this way and if like then you can invite me for a special meal also. Hahaha… jokes apart… now the recipe is all yours.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss one more famous Paneer recipe.

Thank you…

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