Thursday, June 11, 2015

KITCHEN MISTAKES & MYTHS... Chapter 2 - Paneer Recipes / Part 2- Paneer Do Pyaza

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                   How are you all ? so after my first 2 articles, I was little busy but I found some time and written this part2 of Chapter-2 (Paneer Recipes). This recipe is quite interesting and yummy but again the mystery begins with the name of the dish : PANEER DO PYAZA.

The main attraction of the name is DO PYAZA  and that is the part where people got confused many times and sometimes people never thought that the name itself says the recipe. They just made a gravy and add paneer but that is not the original way of making do pyaza.

This recipe originated long back by mughals as Chicken do pyaza first the comes Paneer & Mushrooms do pyaza later on after many centuries for vegetarians. This recipes contains both smooth gravy as well as crisp factor which makes it unique that time.

Now comes to the meaning of DO PYAZA here in this recipe. Do Pyaza doesn’t means that you have to cook it with 2 onions everytime because it depends on the quantity which you are cooking. But it says that you have to put onions at 2 different times in recipes and both must be in different texture. First one must be creamy and the 2nd one will be crunchy. Let me tell you in details below.

You have to put 2/3 quantity of your onions for recipe in a mixer and make a smooth paste but left 1/3 quantity, you have to cut in big cubes. Start with frying onion paste with cumin and coriander seeds till onion cooked well. Then cook with ginger garlic paste, later on add tomato puree with desired green chilies with salt, red chili powder, turmeric and coriander powder till oil left. Use water as desired here to make gravy as per your choice but still it must be thick enough. Add left 1/3 quantity of onion cut in cubes and cook another 3-4 minutes with paneer cubes and some garam masala. You have to remember that this quantity of onion don’t get mushy and so soft. We need a crunchy texture here to serve. Add fresh cream at last and serve.
The cream factor is mostly confusing here in this recipe as some from history says to add but some don’t add. So its upto you now, how you like to. Even without cream also this gravy becomes a hit.

Try it this way and I promise, you will love it. I’ll come soon with another part of this paneer chapter. The recipe picture is from net only to show the texture. After another 2 parts of paneer recipes, I’ll put my all efforts to write everything I know about MSG, the hottest topic now a days and people saying anything about it without even knowledge. Half knowledge is really dangerous so please don’t mislead if you are not sure about anything. Anyways keep safe cooking and Happy Eating…

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