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KITCHEN MISTAKES & MYTHS - Chapter 2 Paneer Recipes (Part 3 - Shahi Paneer)

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                   How are you all? Have to tried recipes which I have shared before ? if not then try them once otherwise what’s the benefit of this chapter. Anyways after Do Pyaza and Malai Kofta, this 3rd recipe is another disaster for many as they made these royal recipe as they made any other Paneer recipe with onion, tomato, garlic etc. But you have to understand that Shahi means Royal and it have to be different than normal recipes.

At many places I have seen different kind of gravies served in Shahi Paneer, somewhere extremely red somewhere orange but let me tell you, centuries back when Shahi words contains in recipe name that means (mostly gravies) something white which is a symbol of royalty that time but after many years recipes changes 100s times and everyone start making their own gravies called Shahi. Even I made some Shahi recipes which is not exact white but when I am talking about Authentic Shahi Paneer then it must be white.

One more thing I have share here with you that Potato and Paneer comes many decades later from starting some recipes and that time many recipes made by mostly non-vegetarian by mughals but later on recipes converted to Paneer/ Potatos for vegetarians.

Anyways back to the Shahi gravy, for this you have to cut onions (try to choose white rather than red onions) in big cubes and boil in hot water till layers starts open. Rinse and keep them under cold water for 3-4 minutes and make a smooth paste of it. The main reason behind this method is that when we fried onion paste, it becomes brown easily by time, it will cook but when we have boiled onions then onions already cooked so we don’t need much time to fry them. Also boiled onion paste will not burn easily. You also need cashewnut paste here. For that soak cashewnuts with warm milk for 20minutes than make a smooth thick paste of it. No other seeds like melon or watermelon needed to add.

Then put few peppercorns with 2-3 cloves and 1inch cinnamon stick with some oil and then add boiled onion paste and cook for few minutes. Remember, it should not burn. add ginger garlic paste with some slited green chilies and cook another 1 minute. Now add few spoons of cashew paste, it will give a royal touch in recipe. Now you have to add well beaten curd (few spoons), just because we need something sour (not much) otherwise the dish will become completely sweet. Add pinch of white pepper,salt to taste and ½ pinch of garam masala. Then add paneer pieces with fresh cream and cook another 2-3 minutes and serve hot. This gravy is a thick gravy, normally not contains water.

So this was the recipe of Shahi Paneer, sometimes maybe you have tasted this gravy but if you tried it at home then you’ll know the awesomeness of this Royal treat.

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