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              While Homemade series is going on, we will complete our Kitchen Mistakes & Myths also side by side. Specially in India but sometimes at many places, I saw that people either ignored this special preservative or don’t use in their cooking/baking. Most of the time people try to use it just for weight loss ot maybe sometimes for other health benefits and ya, this is a jewel for health benefit uses. I am talking about the king of the vinegars – APPLE CIDER. What is Apple Cider? How it made? What’s the uses in kitchen and what’s the health benefits? Today we’ll talk about all these things here.

Apple cider vinegar is a completely natural ingredient made with apple ciders and has tonnes of health benefits. Apples are crushed and their juice squeezed out, which is then fermented adding yeast and bacteria. This liquid turns into alcohol. In the second fermentation process, the alcohol turns into acidic vinegar giving it its sour taste.  Apple cider vinegar gives the food a fruity flavor. With its amber color it works best with all normal vinegar needs but has some special properties.

Dating back to 5000BC, the Babylonians made wine from date palm and the Egyptians made wine from barley. Around 2500BC, an ancient nomadic tribe called the Aryans developed a soured apple wine, the forerunner of apple cider.The name ‘cider’ is rooted in the Phoenician ‘shekar’ meaning wine or strong drink. So from the Babylonians to the Aryans to the Phoenicians, the soured apple wine recipe was passed to the Greeks and Romans and people started developing apple cider vinegar as a by-product to their soured apple wines (Rose, 2006).

Unlike white vinegar, apple cider vinegar is a light yellow-brown color and is often sold unfiltered and unpasteurized with a dark, cloudy sediment settled at the bottom of the bottle. Known as "mother of vinegar," this sediment consists mainly of acetic acid bacteria. Unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is sold in health food stores, online and in some grocery stores.
Some daily uses in your kitchen are :

SALAD DRESSING : Apple Cider is one of the best flavor to use in fresh cold salads or fruits salads to dress. Just mix Apple Cider with olive oil, some fresh herbs and little sugar/honey and you’ll get a amazing salad dressing

FRUIT DIPS/CHUTNEY : while making any fruit dip, just add Apple Cider to get nice flavour and also it help soften the fruits faster.

BOILING EGGS : it can prevent egg cracking while boiling. Just add a tsp. of Apple Cider while boiling the egg.

MEAT MARINATES : While marinating meat, use Apple Cider. It will tenderize meat faster and also give a distinct flavour to meat. It have acidic properties so thus it will remove and kill bacteria from the meat also.

FOOD PRESERVATIONS : One of the best vinegar to preserve the food in it to get their life longer and safer.

TO CLEAN VEGETABLES : Apple Cider has acidic properties and thus helps kill bacteria and pests from fruits and vegetables. Wash your vegetables and fruits in a mixture of water and Apple Cider. Or soak them for a while in this mixture. Cider vinegar also prevents cut fruits from turning black when soaked in it. A spoonful of cider vinegar added to boiling vegetables retains their colour too.

FOR BAKING : while baking any fruit cake or need acidic effect, use Apple Cider to get the best results.

These were the some of the many uses of Apple Cider in your daily uses. Don’t put this amazing thing back in your cupboards. Try it, it can give a amazing results to your cooking/baking.

Now coming to health benefits coming from Apple Cider. It have many benefits, some of them are below mentioned :
  • Apple Cider can helps in bacterial infection of stomach due to it’s antibiotic properties.
  • Apple Cider can cure hiccups also. And also soothes the sour throat. Just mix ¼ cup Apple Cider with ¼ cup warm water and gargle every 2-3 hours to get fast relief.
  • Apple Cider can boost energy as it have amino acids which acts as antidote. The potassium and enzymes of Apple Cider may relieve tiredness.
  • Apple Cider can reduce the bad cholesterol in your body.
  • Apple Cider can clear blocked nose as it contains potassium, which thins mucus and acetic acid to prevent bacteria growth. Mix 1tsp. Apple Cider in a glass of water and drink to help sinus drainage.
  • Apple Cider helps to get rid of dandruff also. Mix ¼ cup Apple Cider with ¼ cup water in spray bottle and spray directly on scalps, wrap head with a towel for 15 minutes then wash normally. Repeat twice a week for best result. It’s acidity changes the pH of your scalp and makes harder for yeast to grow.
  • Apple Cider can clear Acne also. It’s anti-bacterial properties helps keep acne under control.
  • Apple Cider controls bad breath, gargle with Apple Cider or drink a teaspoon (directly or diluted). It will kill odor causing bacteria instantly.
  • Apple Cider can help in weight loss also. You know how? The acetic acid suppresses your appetite, increase metabolism and reduce water retention. Start by adding 1tsp Apple Cider in 1cup of water and drink once a day then you can increase the amount of Vinegar in frequency of drinking up to 2tbsp. per 1cup water and 3 times a day.
  • It also can reduce blood sugar level in type2 diabetes  but please use as per your doctor advice only.

So this was the most of about the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Maybe from now you’ll use it as much as you can in your daily uses.

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