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Hi Happy-Eaters,
                        Here I am back with the 3rd season of my HOMEMADE RECIPES FEST as we had done 2 reasons last year with 32 homemade recipes so far. In this season again we’ll make 15 more recipes which we normally buy from market but can make easily at home with less cost and better ingredients.

So as today we have to start this fest so why don’t we start it with something sweet and healthy. So here comes the easiest recipe of Homemade Gulkand. First we have to know what is gulkand? How to make and what’s the benefits of Gulkand?

 Gulkand is made by just 2 ingredients… Rose Petals and Sugar. But it have a long process to maturing the rose petals in sugar that takes time between 45-60days and so on. If you let it mature in right way then it can stay well outside in your kitchen for more than 3 years and you never need to put it in fridge.
Gulkand have many health benefits as it has cooling properties naturally. It can reduce pitta in body and control the heat of body. It can give strengthening to teeth and gums, very good treatment of acidity, digestive power. Gulkand is also a powerful antioxidant. It will also purify your blood naturally. It can reduce foul body odour. If you have to go in extreme sunshine with heat then just have 2tbsp. gulkand and it will save you from sunstroke also. At last it can also help in reducing stress. These are just some of the benefits of Gulkand. So when this simple thing have lots of health benefits then why don’t we make it at home.

If you have a good Rose bush at your home then mostly you can use them to make Gulkand. Traditionally Damask variety of Roses used to make Gulkand but you can use most of them if you have them organic way. In the making of the Gulkand , first thing we have to do is to pluck the rose petals. Most of the time people pluck the whole rose, that’s a completely wrong way. When the flower is fully mature, just pull the petals softly and they will come into your hand. This way the inner part will not come with petals and also the rose hips will safe. Rose Hips… maybe for many this is a new word but I’ll tell you the proper use of this part of the Rose later on in details. Let them stay on your bush for whole season.

So when you have rose petals with you, the first thing you have to do them wash properly. Take a deep big bowl with full of cold water and put rose petals in it and wash softly.

Now take them out on a towel and rub softly to make them dry.

Most of the people don’t have so many roses at one time so that they can make it in single way, one time. Even me also have just 2 bushes but still I can manage to have more then 1kg Gulkand at my first batch. You can start your process and can add rose petals at daily basis till your pot fill. Remember, take small pot like 250-300ml. capacity at one time to get it better if you have smaller amount of roses at daily basis.

Now after drying, you have two different ways to carry on. Either you can chop rose petals roughly or you can roughly grind them in a mixer(if you have good quantity). Cutting/chopping or grinding is most importance to release the natural juices from the petals which can start the maturing process.

After cutting/chopping/grinding put them in your pot and add double the quantity of powdered sugar over the rose petals. You can use simple sugar also but powdered sugar will do better work. One more thing, try to use stainless steel pot because metal will work much better in sunlight for maturing than plastic or glass.

Now when you done with it, just put this pot daily in direct sunlight under cover. Now you can add rose petals daily under same process and mix well till your pot is full. After some days you will see that the mixture is going dry that time make a thick sugar syrup by mix sugar with water as ratio of 2:1, cook for 5-6 minutes on high heat and let it cool for sometime then add to the pot and mix well.

When your pot get full after this process, just keep that daily in sunlight for 30-45 days more. Keep it mix after every 2 days and you will see the changing of the color soon.

 When you get it first that time you will get as dark pink color which will change to lighter pinkish brown and brownish at last.

Sometimes people add melon or watermelon seeds to Gulkand but Gulkand never need these ingredients because Gulkand itself have many benefits for us. So why wait as 2nd season of the year for Roses is already started. Start collecting now to make a batch full of antioxidant and nutritions.

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