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Hey Happy-Eaters,
                              How are you all? So how is your cooking going on… as I have already shared my knowledge about Pasta some days ago in a Chapter of my KITCHEN MISTAKES & MYTH series, so today I will tell you the detailed recipe of one of the mostly used Pasta sauce…MARINARA…Normally we called this RED SAUCE for Pasta also.

This sauce is one of the top 4 sauces used worldwide in pasta as pasta have more 100s of sauces to served with but sometimes the simplest way makes the best pasta itself and Marinara is very simple but tasty sauce. Traditional Marinara have lots of tomatoes with onion and garlic and basil in it but Marinara can be made with many variations like here I will share Marinara sauce with Olives.

Normally if you made pasta sauce fresh then it will tastes better but as we can get packed pasta sauces so you can also cook and store this sauce in your refrigerator for a long time also and you can use it whenever you need. Just take spoonful of sauce in a pan, heat and toss boiled pasta in it…ready. So here below is the detailed recipe for HOMEMADE MARINARA PASTA SAUCE with OLIVES…

Tomatoes – 3-4 big
Garlic – 4-5 cloves
Onion – ½ small
Butter – 2tbsp.
Basil – some fresh leaves or ¼ tsp. dried
Green olives – 6-8
Salt to taste
Black Pepper powder – 1/3 tsp.


Mostly when we made Marinara, we used canned tomatoes for 2 main reasons. First, they don’t have skin and give smoothness to sauce and 2nd, then are pulpy and softer but here we’ll use fresh tomatoes as canned tomatoes are not available everywhere and afterall, this is HOMEMADE series so why we have to use that canned ingredient. We’ll use normal fresh tomatoes but make them similar to canned. How??? Let me tell you…

First cut a cross on the top of the tomatoes and put them in boiling hot water for 2-3 minutes. Be ready with another bowl of chilled icy water. Take away tomatoes from boiling water and put directly in chilled water. Let them stay there for a minute. Now you can easily pull away the skin of tomatoes and this process also makes tomatoes soften. Remember, you must use tomatoes with hard skin only otherwise they will spoil in hot water. Now we got the tomatoes so we’ll start the cooking.
Chop garlic finely and onion little bit thickly. Heat butter in a pan with little oil (oil saves the butter from burning). 
Now add garlic for 30 seconds then add onion and cook another 2 minutes while you chop the tomatoes roughly.
Now add chopped tomatoes to pan , mix well and cook for 6-8 minutes till tomatoes complexly soften but still have texture. Marinara always have a crumbly tomato texture, not like silken.
Now crush olives with your hands directly to the pan and let it cook again for 6-8 minutes. You can little bit water if needed.
Add salt and pepper and cook another one minute.
At last add dried or fresh basil and mix well. Cook for 2 minutes and your Marinara sauce is ready.

Now you can store this sauce up to 1 month  but still I recommend to cook fresh sauce for pasta. Whenever need, just boil pasta as directions and add in this sauce, toss well and serve hot. If you like then sprinkle some grated cheese over it (optional).

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