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When it comes to something to cook with fish, you have to pick only few ingredients to give the fish exact flavors you want but not to overpower to miss the flavors of the fish. The same thing I do whenever I have fish in my hands to play with and mostly I never stops myself to try any fish, I have not cooked before. Like this time, as per memories I had ROHU when I was a kid but then this fish was mostly disappeared just due to very thin bones inside this fish and yes they can as thin as hair so eating this fish is also not a simple job but the flavor can make you done this job easily if you try it once. The recipe is simple, just the process to leave the fish with salt is bit lengthy to get complete crisp texture. Otherwise fish can become watery while cooking on high temperature. I have used moderate tandoor here in this recipe but you can used oven and bake it as well as you can make it in pan. I don’t prefer to cook fish skinless because skin can lock the flavors inside and for Rohu, skin is very soft so you can eat that also. So here is the recipe…


Rohu – 1 whole, cleaned and cut from aside (I am using without head here, fish head can be use for a delicious fish head curry which I’ll share later on here)
Garlic – 4 cloves
Lemon – 1
Fresh thyme – 1 sprig
Parsley – chopped – 4-5tsp.
Salt to taste
Crushed peppercorns – ¼ tsp.
Lemon grass – 6inches
Spring onion – 1 (without bulb)
Rock salt – for rub
Egg – 1
Breadcrumbs – ¼ cup


  • Just water the fish properly, dry it with kitchen papers and rub rock salt on inside and all over well so salt will absorb extra water from fish. It’ll take 2-3 hours maximum to do the complete work but 1 hr. also works if you have less time.
  • Now wash the fish again to get off excess salt and dry it again well.
  • Now grate garlic cloves, chop thyme roughly and mix with garlic, halt quantity of parsley, very small pinch of salt, crushed peppercorns and 1tsp. of lemon juice and rub this marinade on whole fish, over and also inside well and leave it for minimum 30 minutes- 1hr.
  • Now heat your moderate tandoor on high. Cut some lemon wedges and thaw the lemon grass.
  • First put lemon grass , then sping onion and then lemon wedges inside the fish and put it in tandoor. If using Oven then bake it on 220 degrees.
  • Let it be inside for 4-5 minutes to cook completely then take it out.
  • Beat egg with 3-4 tbsp. water and brush it over top side of fish. Mix breadcrumbs with left chopped parsley and spread it over the top and put it back in tandoor/oven to get a golden crisp crust (maximum in 2 minutes).
  • Take it out and serve immediately.

You can try the same recipe with most of the fishes. Just cook it this weekend and have fun.

Thank you…


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