Monday, November 2, 2015

The Lost Recipe - GOSHT KA HALWA

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Hope everyone is cooking awesome and getting ready for another festival coming up. So as we all knows the list of the festivals never end in India , the same thing applies when we start talking about the sweet dishes here. But mostly we stick to made same dishes again and again, not because they are easy to made or simple but because we are habitual of them, their taste. But still sometime we all have this thought to cook something different, something elegant . It can be an ingredient which never used before or anything new but what about some old recipes which we already lost.

I heard about this dish few months back and then I done my work to get the authentic  recipe of this dish. Researched a lot but still (maybe) I have missed something from the authentic recipe but as much I got from the history, I just made this finally.

The history said that this dish made in old delhi earlier more than 100 years back in mughal era and that time they enjoyed it only sometimes on special occasions then slowly2 that time gone and as well as the recipe but still we can find it in old books and some old gharanas of old delhi still made this but rarely.
Let me now tell you the name of the dish…


Ya , you have read it write. This halwa is basically made with mutton. That was also one of the reason behind the loss of this dish because in India we don’t prefer meat as a sweet dish but believe me, if you are a non-vegetarian then just try it once and then you’ll know the actual flavors of this recipe.

I have tried my best to keep the ingredients same as I have found but still maybe there will be some mistake or mistakes done in making of this dish so suggestions or anything you know about it, you can tell me freely. I didn’t used Saffron in this dish here as saffron is used but not everywhere in same recipe. So now move to proper recipe below…


Mutton – boneless 200gms.
Khoya – 150 gms.
Sugar – 4-5tbsp. (according to your taste)
In some recipes in old time, they skipped the sugar also
Rosewater –
Elaichi powder – ¼ tsp.
Ghee – 3-4 tbsp.
Milk – 3-4 tbsp. (optional)
Pista – for garnish
Silver/gold verk for garnish


First wash the mutton pieces 3-4 times well  then boil it in water with a little pinch of salt till mutton tenderize well. You can use mutton mince also to cook bit fast.
Now put this cooked mutton in a mixer and made a smooth paste. Here you can use milk if needed to make this paste smoother. Now you’ll get smooth Mutton paste.
Now heat the ghee in  a pan and add mutton paste in it and cook for 10-12 minutes. If used milk to make paste then please cook another few minutes so milk will absorb.
Now add khoya in it and mix well and cook till khoya start changing color.
Add sugar, rosewater and elaichi powder and cook till sugar dissolves and then extra sugar syrup also get absorb.
Now when halwa start leaving the pan, just switch off the gas and garnish it with chopped pista and gold/silver verks and serve.
Trust me, no one can say that meat can be so tasty as a sweet dish. Try it and feel like an emperor..

Thank You


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